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This is behind-the-scenes a video of me doing the weather at FOX43.  It doesn’t need to be credited because it’s my video.

This video has no logos and is a report on FOX43.  I recommend crediting FOX43 WPMT.

I was reporting on some of the many New Year’s Eve drops and raises in central Pennsylvania.  We do so many!

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In The News

Meteorologist Drew Anderson got some buzz because not only is he a local meteorologist running for Congress, but he also legally changed his name!

Why would he do that?  Well, everyone knows him as Meteorologist Drew Anderson in the area, so why not make it official and why not make it official for the ballot?

Thanks to KDKA, the CBS in Pittsburgh for a story!



They’re already talking about him in Washington!  Here’s the story.



FOX News shared the story on their site, too.



Our local paper in Lancaster was kind enough to interview Meteorologist Drew Anderson.  Read it here.



A few local stations have also run stories, including CBS21 in Harrisburg.