Meteorologist Drew Anderson is so proud that his aunt–a resident of Yorkana, York County–will have the chance to vote for him.

Aunt Mary always sends Meteorologist Drew Anderson a text every time she sees him on air at FOX43.

FOX43 is right down the road from her house, just outside of downtown York.  Between FOX43 and WGAL News 8, Meteorologist Drew Anderson has worked in York County and Lancaster County for nearly a decade.

WGAL’s studios are just outside of downtown Lancaster.  Yet, every time it snowed, it seemed as if they sent Meteorologist Drew Anderson to York County.  He’d report on the conditions there for News 8 Today.  He was in York County so much that he’d joke he was the “snow” Ed Weinstock.

Meteorologist Drew Anderson reporting live on the conditions in York County.

There really is something special about York County.

One Easter when Meteorologist Drew Anderson was working at WGAL, a family must have heard him mention he was working a double.  So, they sent him an email to say no one should be alone on Easter, and they invited him over for dinner.  Talk about generosity!  He says it was an amazing meal and an Easter he’ll never forget.

He has a lot of stories like that from York County.

Ask him about the time a now retired teacher at Southern Elementary School offered to make him and another teacher there dinner.  She offered this for a reason: she wanted to set Drew up on a blind date with that teacher.  The “dinner” never happened, but things worked out well for that other teacher.  She is doing missionary work in Africa, and she just got engaged on Groundhog Day!

Meteorologist Drew Anderson doing an experiment at Southern Elementary.

Meteorologist Drew Anderson has also had a lot of fun elsewhere across the county.  Check out some of the the reports he has done in York County over the years:

Meteorologist Drew Anderson checking out the Susquehanna River on a Paddle Board from Shank’s Mare Outfitters.
His favorite fruit is blueberries, and the acidic soil at Blueberry Hill makes this part of York County perfect for growing them.
Meteorologist Drew Anderson on a tour of RH Sheppard.
Naylor Wine Cellars explained to Meteorologist Drew Anderson how work at a vineyard doesn’t stop in the winter: they’re pruning vines.
The York County Astronomical Society has free star watching for people of all ages at their Observatory in John C. Rudy County Park most months.
Meteorologist Drew Anderson reporting on Hurricane Irene from York County.
post office
Meteorologist Drew Anderson got to see all the sorting that takes place behind-the-scenes at the big Post Office in Springettsburg Township.
Christmas Magic: A Festival of Lights is really impressive. It takes over Rocky Ridge County Park each year.
Meteorologist Drew Anderson at the York Fairgrounds for a Street Rod car show.
Did you know that cars were one made in York County? You can see them in downtown York at the Industrial Museum.
In Dover Township, Meteorologist Drew Anderson got to try the art of glassblowing with Michael Peluso Glass.
Meteorologist Drew Anderson ready for a day at Ski Roundtop Mountain Resort.
Meteorologist Drew Anderson outside of Dill’s Tavern.
With shovel in hand, Meteorologist Drew Anderson was ready to do some work around Fitz’s Sunnyside Farm
In Downtown York, you can “Taste Test” a new restaurant each month at Taste Test York.
Meteorologist Drew Anderson reporting on a snowstorm in York County along Route 30.
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