Meteorologist Drew Anderson’s has four main focuses: our schools, sciences, small businesses, and farming.


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I’ve worked in different school districts, from elementary to high, and at several colleges and Universities for years.  At all of these places, I’ve seen exactly where our education system can be improved.

For instance, our local schools focus on state testing too much.  Let’s stop a test from driving their curriculum.  Also, how about we stop cramming in a million topics in each subject.  Wouldn’t it be a better to go deeper on the topics that matter?

We also have an opportunity for our schools to build better relationships with each student.  Case and point: how many times did you meet with your guidance counselor?

Let’s have a school counselor meet with each student at least once a month just to talk.  Actually, to listen.  Let the student share what’s happening in his or her world.  Then, if a counselors senses something might be off, schedule more chats with that student.


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There was a time when science excited us.  A time when science inspired us.  A time when boys and girls dreamed of being scientists–scientists that would change the world.

What happen to those times?

These days, so little of our tax money gets invested in the sciences.  Let’s change that.

I will be the biggest supporter of the sciences in Congress.

Let’s get more of our hard-earned money invested right here at home to make advancements in medicine, technology, and our understanding of the world around us.

Advancements that can inspire future generations of scientists.

Also, let’s stop the rest of the world from beating us on renewable energy.

Renewable energy helps us be less dependent on foreign oil and more dependent on energy coming from right here in the United States.  And, did you know that there are more renewable energy jobs in American than there are coal, oil, and natural gas jobs?

Not only does renewable energy create a lot of jobs, it can also create money for the community.

Farmers could earn extra income if they house a few wind turbines.  Wind turbines don’t take up much space–only a quarter of an acre, and farmers would be paid rent.

Sure, I have a bias for science.  After all, I have a Bachelor of Science from Penn State, and I teach science at Penn State Lehigh Valley & West Chester University.




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I want to see less money go overseas.  Instead, let’s get some of that money to go right here to our communities.

Strengthening our communities is one of my biggest focuses.

At FOX43, I was their community reporter for years.  In addition to weather, I’d spotlight many of our small businesses on FOX43 morning news.

Every time I visited a local business,  I got a day-in-the-life of its owners and employees.  I experienced what drives their passion, I saw the challenges they face, and I felt how they make a difference in our community.

You can count on me to listen, meet, and talk to our local small business owners.  I have a proven track record of this, and I will echo their voices in Washington.

Just the other day, a small business owner told me he could now afford healthcare because of the tax cut.  Think about that for a minute.

You’d be surprised how many small business owners have trouble making ends meet, and the growth of internet sales sure hasn’t helped.

Let’s continue the momentum of helping our small businesses in Washington because they’re the backbone of our local communities.

Let’s also help out our local parks and libraries.

I know what you’re thinking: libraries!?  Well, check out the list of community programs your local library is doing.  I bet it’s impressive.

In fact, I have a clear memory of going to my local library when I was 4 to make butter the old fashioned way: by shaking cream.  If I remembered that all these years later, it speaks to the quality of programming they do.

The same can be said about the programs in some our local parks like Lancaster County Central Park and Nixon Park in York County.  I love those park’s late winter Maple Syrup-making weekends.

I look forward to seeing you there next year because I will be the most visible Congressperson that Lancaster County and York County has ever seen.  My goal is to be in D.C. as little as the job allows it.

I will be in the community at local events and just walking the streets all the time.




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There is a farming crisis right now.

You’ve seen local farms disappear.  And, you’ve watched housing developments and shopping centers go up in their place.  But, did you know there’s more to the story?  It’s not all about money.  It’s actually a generational problem.

You’ve heard about farms being in families for generations.  Heck, we can thank all of these farming families for the picturesque views on our back roads.

If you’ve never driven the Lancaster County countryside, you’re missing out!  The scenic views of rolling fields and farms is breathtaking.

But, the generations that have kept these post card-worth scenery alive are disappearing.  Newer generations don’t want to work the farm.

I get it.  Farming is backbreaking work.

Anyone who works outside knows it’s not easy.  The elements take a toll on your body.  I watched this firsthand: My dad worked outside until the day he died.  When you work outside, you earn that paycheck.  A sincere thank you to anyone who works outside like our sanitation workers, our linemen (my dad’s profession), and our farmers.  We all owe them thanks.

So, now, more than ever, we need to show hard-working farmers we have their back.

We need to make farming more attractive so that the new generations of farming families stay on their farms.

I want to fight for farming incentives in Washington.  I also want to look at new ways we can get people on farms and to stay farming.

I don’t have all the answers on how to fix this crisis, but I will listen.

Already, some farmers have told me that small farms need to be protected.  One farmer suggested eliminating the death tax and and creating other incentives for farms smaller than 300 acres.

I will listen to our neighbors who are farmers, and I’ll share their voice and their solutions in Washington.

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