“We need more real people in Congress,” says Meteorologist Drew Anderson.

Like you, he’s sick of these representatives who just care about their own political interests and about the special interests that back them.

“It’s time for ‘Climate Change’ in Washington,” says Meteorologist Drew Anderson

And he would know all about changing the political climate: he’s not taking money from special interests and he won’t be tied to a political party.

All he’ll do is speak up for you.

He’s not a politician.  He’s a teacher.  He’s a scientist.  He’s a community reporter.


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He also works just as hard as you.

You’ve seen him work all hours of the day on WGAL News 8 and Fox43 WPMT for nearly a decade, but when his shift at the station ended, his day did not.

This down-to-Earth Penn State graduate has worked multiple jobs for years.

Even though he had to quit his job at FOX43 to run for Congress (you can’t be on TV and run for public office), he still works in the afternoon.

You’ll see him teaching his science classes at a Penn State Lehigh Valley and West Chester University or substitute teaching at local middle and high schools.

Meteorologist Drew Anderson showing his college students an outdoor demonstration.

Schools are one of Meteorologist Drew Anderson’s four main focuses.

He will also fight hard for science, our small communities, and farming in Washington.

You’ve trusted Meteorologist Drew Anderson for your forecast on WGAL News 8 and FOX43 WPMT for years.  Now, trust Meteorologist Drew Anderson to speak up for you and the rest of Lancaster and York County in Washington.

When you vote for Meteorologist Drew Anderson on Tuesday, November 6, you’re voting for someone independent of special interests.

Special interests won’t own him: he’s refusing campaign donations and refusing to raise funds.

He also has a clear conscious.  He couldn’t imagine spending millions on a campaign, like the other candidates, when that money should go to our community.  If you’re going to do fundraising, why do it for yourself?  Do it for our food banks or women shelters.

He’s independent of political special interests, too.

While he’ll lean Republican on most issues, he doesn’t agree with the Republican on every issue.  To ensure he has only your interests in mind, you’ll see no political affiliation next to his name on the ballot.

Show the world that Lancaster and York County are tired of the political machine: vote Meteorologist Drew Anderson, Candidate for Congress, on November 6.


WGAL News 8, The News 8 Storm Team, FOX43 WMPT, and our other local television stations do not endorse nor favor any political candidate. All of these stations must remain unbiased to protect journalist integrity.